Academic Honours – Camilla James




Camilla is fondly spoken of by her teachers. She is a diligent young lady who shows great tenacity towards her studies. She frequently asks questions as she engages with new and old material.  Her reflecting on concepts until she is able to gain a deeper understanding of them is testament to her discipline and determination to succeed. It is clear from her achievements that she displays good academic rigor.

Camilla is a delight to teach and has a great sense of humour. She often revisits examples and questions to ensure she understands the concepts covered in class. Her tenacious approach to her work is astounding and she frequently asks questions as she grapples with the work, persevering through frustration, in order to succeed.

Camilla has demonstrated that hard work and tenacity makes academic success achievable. She has a very strong inner determination to achieve quality results and will not stop at a flimsy excuse or justify mediocrity. She always pushes herself to the limits maintaining a great sense of humour in the process.

Camilla is an outstanding scholar possessing a well-developed intellectual curiosity and an excellent skills level. She enjoys being challenged intellectually and has a very sound work ethic. This combined with her determination to excel and her exceptional academic ability always results in her producing work of a standard above that what can be expected.

Camilla is a resilient and intelligent pupil who will stop at nothing short of her best in an assessment. She is self – driven and strives to understand concepts clearly. With this focussed approach and having met the necessary criteria Camilla is awarded Honours for Academics.