Academic Honours – Imma Joubert




Imma is a diligent young lady who shows great tenacity towards her studies. She always strives to understand every concept and to produce outstanding results. She is always very willing to volunteer answering questions in class. She also demonstrates a willingness to assist her peers which she does with the utmost humility and respect.

Imma is very focussed when it comes to consolidating work. She constantly interrogates new work to ensure that she grasps the details and nuances of the topic. She has an ability to integrate various topics which prevents compartmentalisation of the sections of work covered. She reflects on concepts until she is able to gain a deeper understanding of them; which is testament to her discipline and determination to succeed. It is clear from her achievements that she displays good academic rigour.

Imma is always determined to give of her best. She displays an assertive and yet conscientious approach to her academics. She is very disciplined in the execution of tasks undertaken and prepares thoroughly for them. Imma displays a systematic and insightful approach to questions both verbally and in writing. Her keen and willing approach to engaging in class discussions on complex issues is a fine example to others.

Imma is certainly a role model to her peers in her work ethic and determination and has fulfilled the requirements to be awarded Honours for Academics.