Academic Honours – Tami Labuschagne




Tami is an outstanding scholar with an exemplary approach to her academic work, developing her innate ability in an admirable manner. She is a gentle soul who strives for excellence both in the content and quality of work she presents. Tami demonstrates great tenacity; always conscientious and disciplined in her approach. She is able to integrate different sections of work and communicates her understanding in a logical fashion. Her thorough preparation and systematic approach enables her to produce work that is almost flawless. She is highly regarded by her teachers for her intelligence and her determination to produce work of the highest quality.

She thinks independently, takes initiative and is always responsible in her approach. What impresses most about Tami is her self-motivated and proactive willingness to do her best in all that she is involved in. She has consistently been at the top of her grade throughout her school career and has achieved excellence in the classroom. She is to be commended on her time management skills and on all she has manages to accomplish at Kingswood College.

Her well-balanced approach to life enhances her academic performance. Tami contemplates and deliberates before making statements which enables to her to voice concise and well thought out ideas. She does not settle for anything less than her best and this is evident in all that she does. Tami shows strength of character and one of her greatest attributes is her inherent empathetic spirit. This intelligent, insightful and resolute young lady is a role model to her peers.

Having fulfilled the requirements and in acknowledgement of Tami’s phenomenal approach to academics, she is awarded Honours for Academics.