Fundraising = Relationship building = Planning for the future = Meeting the challenges

Keeping Kingswood on the cutting edge in the highly competitive Independent School arena will mean that we need to meet the challenges of the future with financial security and sustainable planning.  No Independent school can survive on fees alone, and we depend especially on the generosity of alumni and benefactors for capital projects and scholarship funds.

So often in schools, fundraising is done by well-meaning volunteers - alumni and parents. However, in the long term, such fundraising efforts can suffer from a lack of continuity and inadequate stewardship processes.  The goal of establishing a Development Office for Kingswood College was to put in place a sustainable, long term fundraising strategy which could solicit

  • recurring support from Old Kingswoodians and parents,
  • major gifts from individuals with a special interest in the school,
  • corporate and foundation funding where possible, and to
  • manage special campaigns for special project.

Sourcing new funding streams and building sustainable relationships with potential donors is seen as key to the new strategy.

The beauty of a sustained development initiative is that we can make our dreams come true in time, but we can also be working continuously to shape the programmes and projects that we see as essential to keep us at the cutting edge of educational thinking, leadership training, ecological responsibility, transformational responsibility, community service and global citizenship.  Following this path ensures the commitment and active participation of stakeholders, and a meeting of minds for the visionaries and "actionaries," so that implementation of the fundraising plan becomes a team effort.

Read more about the Kingswood 2020 Vision 2020 Development initiative for information about our three distinct focus areas, and how you can help.