Sugarloaf Society

The Sugarloaf Society is a bequest society - with the purpose of recognising those generous individuals who commit to leaving a legacy to Kingswood College. By joining the Sugarloaf Society - we can honour and recognise future donors now for the gifts they will prove to Kingswood at a later date.

Becoming part of the Sugarloaf Society is a statement of intent - no more.  However, you will enjoy exclusive functions for Sugarloaf Society members - and contact with other generous and supportive benefactors of Kingswood College.

It is possible that specific assets or personal possessions like property, art, stocks and shares or heirlooms that will find special significance in the school can be the legacy that you pledge.  You can also nominate specific purposes for your legacy - scholarships and bursaries; new faciltities or upgrading of buildings; general funding.

Click here to download the Sugarloaf Society brochure.

Tom Hartzenberg is the Patron of the Sugarloaf Society.  It was his wife Kay who came up with the idea of naming Kingswood's bequest society after Sugarloaf Hill - that distinctive Grahamstown landmark that seems to have witnessed so much Kingswood history over the years.

Tom says "It is our turn to be 'watchers of a beacon' now, and to pledge our ongoing support for Kingswood College so that it can light the way for generations of children to come."