Giving to Kingswood

Kingswood 2020 Vision 2020

Kingswood's Development initiative is not a once-off event or linked with a particular occasion.  Rather, it is a sustained process that will set in motion a programme of projects and plans which will make some of our dreams a reality.  We will need the support and partnerships of alumni, parents, friends and supporters, benefactors, businesses, fellow schools, and especially the Grahamstown Community.

Called Kingswood 2020 - Vision 2020, the Development initiative is here for the long haul!  We chose this label for the initiative because of its forward looking feel, and its reference both to the perfect vision that is 2020, but also our aspiration to be part of a future that is progressive and exciting.

The beauty of a sustained development initiative is that we can make our dreams come true in time, but we can also be working continuously to shape the programmes and projects that we see as essential to keep us at the cutting edge of educational thinking, leadership training, ecological responsibility, transformational responsibility, community service and global citizenship.  While we primarily exist to shape and nurture children for future generations, we exist in a context that must takes into account the community in which we find ourselves, the remarkable nation in which we hope to serve, and the demanding world for which our pupils must be equipped.  We're under no illusions about our need to be adaptable, responsible and committed to our mission.

>The Development Initiative  has three components with specific focus areas : 

Human Resources Fund
"People are our focus"?

Outreach Fund - ICDP Trust
"Because Children Matter"?

Facilities and Amenities Fund
"Adding Value to the Campus"

This graphic shows the different projects in each focus area :