News » Sugarloaf Society luncheon held in Grahamstown

30th March 2009

During Foundation Weekend, we took the opportunity of welcoming members and supporters of the Sugarloaf Society to an exclusive luncheon held in the school library.

The purpose of the Sugarloaf Society is to recognise those who show their intention to leave a legacy of some sort to Kingswood College. Many Old Kingswoodians have said that they intend to make provision for the school in their estates, but have not actively signed up for the Sugarloaf Society.  The intention of this luncheon was to appeal those who HAVE signed up, to spread the word, and encourage other generous individuals to do the same.

The patron of the Sugarloaf Society, Tommy Hartzenberg, and his wife Kay (who gave this society its name!) were present at the luncheon. It was said that the many stories of mischief that took place at Sugarloaf Hill in Kingswood's early days should be recorded, as the landmark no longer plays a role in the lives of Kingswood pupils. Debbie Smuts, Kingswood's Development Director thanked the small group of Old Kingswoodians for their support of the bequest society, saying that it was a delicate subject to approach someone about, and she was grateful to this particular group for coming forward voluntarily and willingly.

Sugarloaf Society luncheons will be held in other centres during the course of the year, and members will receive a special tie.

Attending the Sugarloaf Society luncheon in Grahamstown, below left, Kay and Tommy Hartzenberg; Debbie Smuts - Kingswood Development Director, Tommy Hartzenberg, Buster Brotherton and Jon Trafford - Senior School Headmaster.