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Located in Grahamstown, Kingswood College offers its pupils a well-rounded education, with wonderful facilities and opportunities available in academic, cultural and sporting spheres. Kingswood College caters for girls and boys from Pre-Primary through to Grade 12 as well as Bridging Year (Post Matric).

We strive to provide an education in a family-like environment, while developing the self-worth and academic, leadership, spiritual, social, moral, cultural and physical potential of all our pupils.


Kingswood College provides an education in a family-like environment, developing the self-worth and academic, leadership, spiritual, social, moral, cultural and physical potential of every pupil and staff member.


To be recognised locally, nationally and internationally as an excellent Methodist School and as a transforming influence in society.

Core Values

Caring Discipline – Children Matter – Honesty – Humility –  Integrity – Respect – Responsibility -Tolerance – Ubuntu

Focus Areas

Our approach to our pupils’ development is an holistic one.


Kingswood College is committed to providing an excellent educational environment.  Our academic priority is to ensure that all pupils develop skills that will position them to thrive in the post-school learning and working environment.

With the emphasis on academic excellence and individual attention from well-qualified and attentive staff, Kingswood College provides the opportunity for pupils to develop their full potential in small classes.

The IEB (Independent Examination Board) offers a Grade 12 exit examination that equips pupils for admission to all South African and overseas universities.

Kingswood strives to promote enterprise, self-discipline and interpersonal skills. We encourage children to develop enquiring and creative minds, to take decisions for themselves, and to learn how to work independently.

Outdoor Education

Grahamstown and its environs, and indeed the Eastern Cape, offer an enriching context for our academic programme.

We are always mindful of our social responsibility and the need to inculcate an awareness of the role our pupils can play in caring for their environment.

Whilst our outdoor education serves as an extension to our academic programme, it also makes a major contribution to physical and environmental education; it contributes to personal growth and social awareness, and develops skills for life.

Qualities such as a sense of responsibility and a purpose in life are nurtured. There is also a great deal of intrinsic enjoyment and satisfaction to be experienced from participation in outdoor activities.


Sport has always and continues to play an integral role in the lives of the boys and girls at Kingswood. Children have the opportunity to take part in an array of sporting disciplines at all levels. There is a place for every child in the Kingswood sporting context – from the child who has aspirations of playing professional sport to the one who may be less able but is just as enthusiastic.

At Kingswood, we want every single child to enjoy his or her sporting experience, which we hope will lead to a life-long involvement in physical activity. We believe that sport is a great vehicle, which can further develop character in our boys and girls.

The dual location of, as well the co-existential relationship between our junior and senior schools, allows us to develop our children in a system that is genuinely a single entity. This allows us to foster their sporting growth from the age of six until they leave in Grade 12.


The Enrichment programme at Kingswood College exposes pupils to a variety of different activities outside regular subject material.

Its purpose is to broaden the pupils’ skills base, interests, and knowledge and life experience in order to feed back into the school’s curriculum.

It acts as an umbrella for many activities and encompasses a number of aspects with respect to school life. Inter alia: Community Engagement, Spiritual Development, Cultural Activities, the Arts, President’s Award and Academic Support.

Enrichment opportunities at the school are offered at all levels and pupils are encouraged to participate and make the most of the opportunities available to them.


Pastoral Care is a thread that runs throughout the core of Kingswood College. It nurtures individuality while fostering an appreciation of differences that may be found among the culturally diverse school body.

Kingswood College is primarily a boarding school with approximately a quarter of the school being day scholars. Pupils are urged to share problems with those that can help, but are at the same time steered towards mature resolution of these problems, through their own thought and effort.

A strong team of people are in place to assist pupils and these include Housepersons, Assistant Housepersons, Tutors, Student Assistants and Matrons. With the guidance of these various people, pupils are able to start developing learning habits that will form the foundation of their Kingswood career.


The leadership programme at Kingswood College is underpinned by the ethos of ‘servant leadership’. Being a leader at Kingswood is not about the status, privilege, power and title, but is rather, about the values, service and mentorship that a pupil is able to bring to the position they are in.

Furthermore, the idea that all pupils are leaders is at the heart of how we see leadership at the school. While there is a leadership body, pupils are encouraged to express their leadership potential in any or all areas – be it in their music ensembles or sport teams, houses, classroom, or outreach activities among others. Leadership roles are seen as an opportunity to serve and grow.

In their matric year, seniors are allocated portfolio positions and attend portfolio committees, which promote communication amongst the pupil body for the day-to-day running of the school.


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Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship… The ICE philosophy permeates all we do.

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