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There are six full-time members of staff at the Music School and a number of part-time teachers.

To contact the Music School:

Stephen Holder
Director of Music

Tel : +27 (0)  46 603 6670       

Alke Bradfield
Music School Co-ordinator

Tel : +27 (0)  46 603 6670

Stephen Holder - Subject Music (Gr 12), Class Music (Gr 8-9), Flute, Concert Band
Marni vd Westhuizen - Class Music (Gr 1-7); Bassoon, Oboe, Piano; Preppie, Junior and Senior Choirs; Recorder Groups
Annali Smith - Flute and Piano; Subject Music (Gr 8-9); Piano Ensembles
Jenny Brand - Clarinet, Saxophone; Clarinet and Saxophone Ensembles
David Scarr  - Brass Instruments: Brass Ensemble; Junior Band
JF Viljoen - Piano; Violin; Subject Music (Gr 8-11); Violin Groups

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