Gane House

Student Assistants:
Ethan Berndt
Sean Herd-Hoar 

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History of Gane House

The Gane House Shield
In 1955 Gane House notes, the housemaster, Denis Butler, recorded the arrival of his House's shield: 'After several tentative attempts, the Gane House badge finally took shape. It was designed by Jonothan Bruce and manufactured in the Hobbies Club. The most striking element of it is a large green "G", green being the House colour. Superimposed on this is a Sphinx, symbolising the age and indestructibility of the House. A crown and two stars, the colonel's badge of rank, are arranged vertically over the "G". Underneath is a scroll on which appears the words, "Die Hards", the nickname of the Middlesex Regiment with which Colonel Gane had served.'

Gane Family History
Mary Louise Cousins, wife of E G Gane and daughter of another missionary clergyman, was born in Madagascar on the 5 of May 1865. She lived in Worthing before coming to South Africa to marry Gane in Commemoration Church on the 27th of December 1894. They had five children.

According to Roy Gane, one of these children, Carlton is a family name, a member of the family being Sir Guy Carlton, who fought against the French with the English forces under Wolfe in Canada. Wolfe was the maiden name of Ernest Gane's mother. When she died and his father remarried, Ernest's brothers and sisters came to South Africa. The brothers, Percy and Lawrence Gane, had Kingswood connections; one sister, Jessie, married A T Williamson, and the other two, Ethel and Constance, who died young, were at WHS.

The Kingswood College Magazine of December 1943 paid tribute to Louisa Gane, saying:

'We regret to record the death of Mrs E G Gane, wife of Col Gane who was, for over thirty years, the headmaster of Kingswood. Mrs Gane will always be remembered with deep affection by earlier generations of Old Boys and by many bachelor masters who enjoyed her friendly hospitality at School House.'

Latest developments (2013)

School House has been the site of much banging and drilling, as the bathrooms in Gane and Chubb have been given a facelift with smart new granite counter tops and new fittings.  Also, the windows of the first floor dorms have been replaced with aluminium frames, and the old wooden windows that have been so ill-fitting and problematic are a thing of the past!  The aluminium windows have been custom made, and one hardly notices the difference aesthetically, but the boys in Gane and Chubb will be grateful for the stronger windows on windy days and in winter weather! 

Below: School House (Chubb House on the left and  Gane House on the right) at night time....

and day time photos.

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