The Owsley Window


North ambulatory - Unveiled 27 February 1972 by his son Harry in the presence of his wife and family.

The work Pop did on the Chapel as site manager and more particularly the spirit in which he led the team of carpenters, masons and labourers proved such an inspiration that the Chapel Committee asked the College Council to allow the family to place a window in the Chapel to his memory. Much of the beauty of the Chapel is the result of his sure and skilful touch and wide experience.

The window depicts King Solomon constructing the temple famous to his name. The fact that the Temple was built from material 'keyed and numbered and perfectly fitted,' is also appropriate. Direct, straight and modest in his mien, Pop would certainly be overwhelmed by this memorial to him. He might well have responded: 'Who am I that I should build Him a house?' (2 Chron Ch 2 vs 6), and this is precisely why the words of King Solomon were chosen as lettering over the head of this window. It depicts the King, plan in hand, going about his business of overseeing the construction.

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