The Fitzhenry Window

North Ambulatory - This window is in memory of Brian Raymond Fitzhenry, an old Kingswoodian, farmer in the Steytlerville district and dedicated conservationist.  

The window attempts to illustrate aspects of this:

Two merino sheep stand at the feet of Christ, the Good Shepherd. Above this in the arch are the Eagle, with tri-radiant nimbus, symbolic of our Lord, St John and the Holy Spirit.  This window also celebrates the Black Eagle Trail established by Brian Fitzhenry in the Steytlerville district.

A wreath of twelve roses, symbols of Divine Love and Messianic Hope, commemorates the beautiful rose garden on the farm.  In the borders are some of the animals to be found on the farm: from the bottom - Goats, Steenbok, Kudu, Black Eagle.  The landscape is that of the Karoo and its colours.  

The window was unveiled on 19 January 1997 by Brian's father, Sid Fitzhenry. Designed by Mr H Nesbit of Port Elizabeth.

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