The Wyvern Newspaper

The Wyvern Newspaper - Voice of Kingswood, is a pupil-generated newspaper that started in 1962.

This article from the previous edition of the Wyvern gives a background on the history of this school newspaper :

Many of the older teachers and OKs may remember the much-loved Wyvern magazine with its iconic "THE VOICE OF KINGSWOOD" slogan. For the majority of the students though, the only Kingswood student publication known to us is the Kingswood Koerant. In this, the first issue of the revived Wyvern, we thought it would be appropriate to give a brief account of how the original Wyvern was created. In the hunt to discover the answer, the article "How the Wyvern Hatched" written by Dr Butler published in the April 1971 Wyvern magazine, was uncovered.

Here is a brief summary:

The first ever Wyvern appeared on 12th March 1962 after Dr Butler told his class that Kingswood used to have its own newspaper called "Ndaba Yethu" and one of his pupils, David Rubin, decided that it was time that Kingswood had another newspaper. For new pupils who may not know, the wyvern is the dragon on the Kingswood school badge. Even though we call the white golf shirts that are part of our sports uniform 'wyverns', the name really refers to the shirt's badge. The original school badge actually didn't have a wyvern at all, but only a chocolate and gold coloured band with the five scallops (shells) on a red background. No one really knows who suggested that the wyvern should be added to the school badge, but it is believed that it was Josiah Slater, Jack Slater's grandfather. As an Old Boy of Kingswood School in Bath, he proposed that the new Wesleyan Collegiate School for Boys should be named Kingswood College. Kingswood School of Bath also sports the wyvern on their badge although, while our colours are black and red, theirs are white and blue. Other than a symbol on school badges the wyvern is an ancient symbol of overcoming evil. After being knighted, a Knight would assume a crest of three wyverns. In the dictionary, a wyvern is described as "a winged dragon with wings adorned and a barbed tail with a narrow end".

So, the second question you may ask is, "Why do we need a school newspaper?". When the original Wyvern came out, it was known as "The Voice of Kingswood" and was often recognised as a place to make suggestions and comments about the current happenings at Kingswood. Mrs Knoetze noticed the need for a way for students to speak out, and after some investigation and debate, it was decided the Wyvern would be revived to its former glory. The Wyvern is here to help connect the students, to entertain and offer facts and advice, but most importantly, to represent the student body of Kingswood College. We hope, as a team, that we will do the original Wyvern newspaper justice.

Written by Abigail Branford and Emily Vale

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