From the Chaplain

My First Month

11 February 2016

Today marks one month for me as the Chaplain at Kingswood College.  I thought it would be good to reflect on the past few weeks and share some news.

Rev Tim

On a personal note, Terri and I have found Kingswood and Grahamstown to be a very friendly place!  Staff, pupils, parents and the greater community has been so welcoming.  As the board as you drive into Grahamstown says, it really is a great place to be! 

Luke and Caryn have settled well at Kingswood pre-primary and are enjoying their new school.  Terri has started a chiropractic practice here in Grahamstown, working alongside Dr Lauren Pienaar.  She still commutes to PE occasionally but we trust that her practice here will grow and soon Dr Blake will be very busy!

When my mother-in-law heard we were coming to Kingswood College she dug out a copy of The Ganes of Kingswood.  It turns out that my wife’s family are descendants of the Ganes!  Terri’s great grandfather was the Honourable Justice Percival Gane, the brother of Colonel E.G. Gane, the first headmaster of Kingswood College.  Terri’s grandmother grew up in 18 Park Road which was later the Stephen Meyer Cohen House for the boarders.  So Luke and Caryn are proud Kingswoodians with their great, great grandfather being Percy Gane, the brother of Colonel Gane!

These first few weeks have been hectically wonderful!  I have been working with the SCA (Student Christian Association), Junior and Senior Chapel Stewards, visiting KWAM (junior youth on a Friday evening), visiting all the boarding houses and preparing for the various chapel services.  We have started an Instagram account for the chapel to capture the heart of KC, provide encouragement and share verses and quotes relating to what happens in worship services.  The response has been encouraging.        

Details regarding our Confirmation programme have been emailed to all grade 10-12s, although the main focus is on the grade 10s.  They have been invited to talk to their parents if they are keen to sign up and register before half term starts.

It has been a fantastic month and I sense this is where God wants me to be.   I am enjoying building relationships with our young Kingswoodians and consider it a great privilege to earn their trust and walk beside them.  We all want our children to thrive and I hope I can help them thrive, be a safe place to share their pain and struggles and hopefully point them to the One who really offers us life (John 10:10).

If you are a parent, please know that I am available should you need to contact me about anything or if it would be helpful for me to be aware of something.  Feedback is also helpful.  My email is

I wish you a meaningful Lenten period and a relaxing half term!

Rev Tim




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