Junior School music

Class Music is taught from Grade 1 to Grade 7. 

Regular Class Music provides the opportunity for the learners to experience lively, hands-on music making, which fosters an appreciation for music. 

The Foundation Phase (Grade 1 to 3) has a special emphasis on rhythmic movement to music.  A special singing program to assist spelling is also included. 

Grades 4 to 7 adopt a themes-based approach; themes are changed term by term.  Songs and musical material are selected according to themes, which allow learners to explore certain genres in greater depth.

Activities used throughout junior grades include

· Regular singing in unison and rounds

· Arranging songs, tunes and dances on xylophones and percussion. These arrangements give an  opportunity for children learning individual instruments to play along with their class, on recorder, saxophone and flute for example.

· Learning simple dances

· Introduction to basic elements of music notation

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