A boarding lifestyle


Many of the pupils who come to Kingswood are far away from home.  We have pupils from all over South Africa, but also from Zambia, Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania, Namibia, Angola, the United Kingdom, Australia and the USA.  We are accutely aware that boarders need to feel "at home" at Kingswood, and our boarding structures are designed to do just that.  Our caring staff - housepersons and their families, make sure that pupils feel involved, comfortable and part of a family of pupils in each house. Our boarding houses do not empty out over weekends - this is when there is plenty of organised activity to keep the pupils constructively busy.  There is little time to be homesick, and lots of time for fun! 

The Kingswood boarding system involves a House structure, in which boys and girls are accommodated separately but meet for meals, for social and shared activities and for work. Each senior boarding house is a unit of approximately 50 pupils managed by an experienced Houseperson, matrons, student tutors and pupil leaders. Junior School Houses have a higher staff-to-pupil ratio. A strong sense of community and House spirit is present in each House, and pupils become proud members of each House “family”.   Interhouse activities like sport, plays, and music competitions and so on create fierce but friendly competition that builds passionate house spirit and loyalty.  

The boarding experience creates learning and mentorship opportunities that are hard to find in other environments.  Kingswood’s leadership programme focuses on mentorship and service, and senior pupils function as role models and advisers to younger pupils. 

Kingswood is a family school - brothers and sisters are able to see each other in the dining hall, cousins may be in the same house, junior boys can play touch rugby with the seniors before supper.  The atmosphere at Kingswood is one of family caring - and this is evident the moment you step onto the campus.


Boarding Mission Statement

To foster a Christian, values-based community that nurtures the individual as part of the Kingswood family and acts on wider social responsibilities.  To provide a dynamic and progressive boarding environment where pupils foster strong relationships and contribute to an atmosphere which allows pupils to flourish and express themselves in a boarding house where they feel safe, providing a “home away from home”.  To be regarded as one of Africa’s best boarding schools in terms of looking after the needs of each individual and in pastoral care matters.

 Below is a picture of the Sanatorium.


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Chubb House on the left, and Gane House on the right
Prep is done in the cubes
A typical dorm - in Wood House
A dorm in Chubb House
Girls' boarding houses - Jaques House on the left and Kirkby House on the right
A dorm in Jacques House
The 'rec room' in Jacques House
A dorm in Kirkby House
A matric room in Kirkby
Junior girls boarding - a cube in Intermediate House
Intermediate House
The kitchen where the girls can make snacks at Intermediate House
Junior boarders in the Dining Hall
In the Dining hall
In the Dining Hall
Who is on duty tonight?
Junior Boys boarding at Van Vuuren Village
Junior boys boarding at Van Vuuren Village
Wood House
Bathrooms in Kirkby House
The 'rec room' in Gane House
The foyer of Kirkby House
A room in Gane House
Intermediate House (first floor)
Jagger House
A room in Kirkby House
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