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The Legends Fund needs your help to secure Kingswood's future!

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At a recent meeting of the Legends Fund committee and the Senior School management team, it was agreed to bring this very successful fundraising campaign into the scope of the overall 125@KC campaign. So from now on, please note that the Legends Fund initiative will be administered and coordinated from the Director of Marketing’s Office with Mfundo Ncube  and Phumza Gesha (with assistance from Willie Walker representing the Legend’s Fund committee) acting together to advertise, develop and further grow this fund leading up to Kingswood’s 125th anniversary in 2019.

The Legends Fund was started in 2009 by a loyal group of Old Kingswoodians who came together to raise funds to enable the son of a terminally-ill classmate to attend Kingswood. It was so successful that the concept developed beyond this specific focus and quickly grew into a fund that supports deserving pupils, children with special talents and critically, the children of Old Kingswoodians, who are in need of some form of financial assistance to remain at Kingswood or to enrol into the school. This fund offers both bursary and scholarship support with its primary target being the children of Old Kingswoodians, although not exclusively so.  The Legends Fund looks at all applicants on merit, given that the income contributions now come from a diverse spread of Old Kingswoodians, parents, supporters, friends, volunteers, Legends Fund recipients and bursary/scholarship holders.

The Legends Fund has grown significantly, and the investments currently support a number of young people attending Kingswood College. This Fund is already significant in the assistance it provides to Kingswoodians but with your help,  it could become the most successful broad-based fundraising campaign ever undertaken at Kingswood.  Designed along the lines of a classic annual fund scheme, it is an initiative that even the youngest Kingswoodian can be a part of - with easily affordable entry level rates of monthly giving.

  • Pupils at school have offered to undertake fundraising activities in order to initiate the tradition of giving back to their alumni, even while still at school. The present Grade 12s are planning to start this challenge to all other Grade 12s in the future.
  • Kingswoodians who are students are encouraged to start giving to this fund at R100 a month – with no cost-of-living escalation while you remain students. A number of students already contribute in this way.
  • Working Kingswoodians are encouraged to start giving to this fund at R150+ a month – with an annual cost-of-living escalation that you can nominate.
  • Some Kingswoodians have given large once-off (and in some cases annual) donations on behalf of their businesses relating to the acquisition of BEE points to the Legends Fund.


There are presently 112 monthly contributors to the Legends Fund, supporting a number of Kingswoodians. As stated, some have chosen to give more sizable once-off gifts to the Fund, linking it to the acquisition of BEE points for their businesses. From a tax perspective, the donation can be written off against your personal tax up to a prescribed limit. Gifts to educational institutions are totally tax free – once again up to a prescribed level. Kingswood can issue S18A tax certificates to individuals acknowledging their donations, upon request.


We need your help to achieve this sort of accelerated growth!

Please consider making a monthly donation on a stop order to the Legends Fund. We will keep you abreast of how it is helping and growing and what difference it is making in the lives of our Kingswood community. Please reply to m.ncube@kingswoodcollege.com we can e-mail you a form for you to complete and return to us. You can dowload the form for yourself by clicking here. We would be grateful if you would become a part of this initiative and join Kingswoodians the world-over to help us reach our 125@KC goals by 2019 when we celebrate 125 years of Kingswood excellence!



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