Human Resources

With people at Kingswood being a focus - pupils, staff, potential pupils and potential staff - the objective is to have a resource from which Kingswood can assist pupils with scholarships and bursaries, as well as making it possible to contract top staff to our teaching force, and to give all our teachers opportunities to remain in touch with the latest developments in their fields.

The Scholarship and Bursary Fund

A healthy scholarship and bursary fund is needed to make possible the following :

1. Assisting deserving youngsters who might not otherwise be able to afford to enjoy and benefit from a Kingswood education.
2. Assisting pupils currently at Kingswood to stay at Kingswood in cases of where genuine financial difficulty arises
3. Assisting the children of Old Kingswoodian families to come to Kingswood
4. Attracting pupils with special talents to the school.

Staff Recruitment and Development  

Keeping on the cutting edge 
Increasingly, staying on the cutting edge of new developments in educational practice requires that an independent school provide their staff with training and development opportunities in the form of courses, conferences and seminars.  All this comes at a price.  Giving teachers the opportunity to further their studies, attend conferences, participate in exchange programmes and share their expertise with other professionals is what keep them fresh and inspired. Pupils can only benefit from their inspiration and new ideas. 

Sharing our expertise
Not all schools in Grahamstown and the surrounding area are as fortunate as Kingswood in terms of resources and the experience and excellence of their teaching staff.  Kingswood would like to share their best practice with other schools and teachers in partnerships and friendships that will benefit have far-reaching consequences.  

Recruiting and attracting specialists 
From time to time, the school would like to offer top new teaching positions in specialist areas with remuneration and benefits that will attract outstanding staff.

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