Kingswood College is blessed with a beautiful campus, with characterful buildings and well-resourced facilities.  However, buildings need upkeep, and the changing times demand new amenities, all of which come at significant cost.  While the College does its best to budget for obvious future needs, there are some that will come at a greater cost than the budget can bear.  For these, we will need the support of parents, Old Kingswoodians and supporters of the school who hold the continued success of Kingswood at heart. 

Priorities on the buildings list for the future are : 

1. Construction of an auditorium that will function as a lecture theatre that can accommodate large groups and visitors.
2. Complete renovation and revamping of the original school library into a modern Knowledge Centre. Click here for latest developments.

3. Additional teaching venues in both the Junior and Senior School.

4. Construction of an indoor sports centre. Please click here for latest developments.

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