Legends Raffle 2010


The 2010 Legends Fund Raffle - with the its wonderful prize of a prime property on the Kenton Eco Estate - attracted support from far and wide.  Kingswood is grateful to all the Old Kingswoodians and friends of Kingswood who generously supported the raffle - buying one (or more!) of the 900 tickets in the raffle.

The draw for the Legends Fund Kenton Eco-Estate Raffle took place on 14 August 2010 before a large K-Day crowd at the Wyvern. It was overseen by Mr Adrian Stolz of Brandt Bowling & Co. Kingswood parent and well-known cricketer Brett Matthews did the honours - pulling out ticket number 208 as the winning number. The property was won by Mr Calvin Zitzke from Kwelera in East London.   He was persuaded to buy a ticket by his boss, Old Kingswoodian Mark Trow from the Class of 1979. While Mr Zitzke has won the property, there will be many more winners as a result of the income generated for the Legends Fund. 

Mr Calvin Zitzke , winner of the Legends Fund 2010 Kenton Eco Estate Raffle surveying the beautiful view from the boardwalk at the Estate.

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