The Scallop


The scallop is generally regarded as the symbol of pilgrimage. It has also been used as a symbol

of fertility, and has found its way into heraldry in family coats of arms.  It was, significantly, in the coat of arms of John Wesley, and has therefore come to represent Methodism, and it is because of this that it has found its way into the Kingswood crest.

However, we have pertinently chosen it as a symbol for the Kingswood 2020 Annual Fund giving levels for its association with pilgrimages. It is said that medieval Christian pilgrims would often carry a scallop shell, and visit churches and homes on their journey, where they could expect to be given as much food as could be fitted into their scallop shells.  In this way, even the poorest households were able to share with the pilgrims.

So it will be with Kingswood's Annual Fund - your participation is more valuable to us than the size of your gift.

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