2016 Leadership

Kingswood leadership body for 2016

The College Head, Mr Trafford announced the 2016 Heads of School pupils this morning in the Chapel. The Headboy is Bradley Moorcroft and the Headgirl is Lutho Zono, and their deputies are Lutho Nomoyi and Ashleigh Meyer.

This time around, all four of the 2016 Prefects are Eastern Cape locals. Bradley and Ashleigh hail from Port Elizabeth, Lutho Zono is a Grahamstonian and Lutho Nomoyi hails from King Williams Town.

The Kingswood family congratulates the 2016 Heads of School and we wish them well during their tenure.

Below, from left to right: Bradley Moorcroft (Headboy), Lutho Zono (Headgirl), Ashleigh Meyer (Deputy Headgirl) and Lutho Nomoyi (Deputy Headboy).


Click here for the Heads of School Assembly address – 14 March 2016

In the picture below, the 2016 Prefects posing with Mr Trafford (College Head) and Mr Guthrie (Senior School Head)

Head of School (Girl) Lutho Zono
Head of School (Boy) Bradley Moorcroft
Deputy Head of School (Girl) Ashleigh Meyer
Deputy Head of School (Boy) Lutho Nomoyi


Head – College Prefect - Ewan Pieters
Prefect - Weston Potgieter
College Prefect - Cobus van Zyl

Head – College Prefect - Esona Mrwetyana
Prefect - Mark Mutuku

Head – College Prefect - Sani Nkatsha
Prefect - Motsamai Rantsoareng
College Prefect - Joshua Hart

Head – College Prefect - Jimmy Sholto-Douglas
Prefect - Matthew Jennings


Day Girls
Head – College Prefect - Megan Foord
College Prefect - Paula Duxbury

Head – College Prefect - Lee Lampen
Prefect - Alexa Archibald
College Prefect - Courtney Trow

Head – College Prefect - Rufaro Maposa
Prefect - Kelsey Cawood
College Prefect - Emma Albers


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