TEACH! Conference

WHERE IT ALL STARTED!                                                  

The very first TEACH! Conference, was organised and hosted by Kingswood College in Grahamstown in March 2011.

The idea was first mooted at a strategic planning legotla of the Kingswood College Council in 2010, during which meaningful staff development was identified as a top priority. It was felt that the relative isolation of Eastern Cape schools meant that regular access to workshops and training opportunities was costly, and travelling away was difficult for teachers with little spare time. Kingswood’s Head of Studies, Theuns Opperman, was tasked with planning a conference at which teachers could be motivated and inspired, and to make it attractive to other schools – which would then make the whole exercise more cost-effective. In this way, it was felt that Kingswood would address some of its own staff development needs and create an opportunity for other schools to share in the experience.

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