TEACH! 2015

TEACH! Conference 2015

"The Art (and Science) of Teaching"

PROPOSED PROGRAMME (Click here to print this programme)

The TEACH! Conference 2015 will take place from 28-30 August in Grahamstown at the Barratt Lecture Theatre, Rhodes University (off African Street)


Speakers 2015

Profiles of the TEACH! Conference 2015 speakers 


Marinus Bell


Marinus Bell graduated at the Cape University of Technology and has lives out his passion with regards to education and development of all people. He enjoyed a very rewarding career as a mathematics teacher for 10 years after which he entered the world of property development. His entrepreneurial skills in the word of property development and educational knowledge and skills serve him well in his career as an educational consultant and workplace learning specialist. Marinus heads up the Educational Development department of Neuro-Link, a boutique company that specialises in the Neuroscience of workplace learning. His passion is to help optimise the performance of all people, using brain based technologies foundational to all his interventions. He is a seasoned motivational speaker and trainer and is a regular host on radio and television talk shows with regards to people development.


Deb Masters


 As the Global Director of Visible Learning plus Deb has worked alongside John Hattie to develop the Visible Learningplus program. Deb has a background in primary and secondary education and has worked in senior levels of administration at the NZ Ministry of Education. She has also worked alongside John Hattie at the University of Auckland to lead education projects. Her work is global and she leads discussions on the Visible Learning research, tools and the implementation framework with system leaders internationally.



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