Other ensembles

There are Marimba Groups in the Junior School. In 2013 these groups played at a number of  functions: the annual Moonlit Market at the Wyvern Club, at La Trattoria, a restaurant in Grahamstown, for the biweekly Acoustic Café music event and on the College Chapel foyer, before and after the Junior School Prize Giving. 

There are Recorder Groups in the Junior School for beginners and for advanced players. Ms Marni van der Westhuizen and Mrs Annali Smith teach these groups.

Pianists can join Piano Ensembles. Mrs Annali Smith, who is in charge of these ensembles, groups pianists of equal ability together to play duets, music for six hands (trios) or even eight hands (quartets).

In 2013 the piano students held a Piano Marathon at the Music School. They invited pianists from other schools to come and join them during October. Fifty-two pianists, from beginner to Licentiate level, played more than 209 pieces providing seven and a half hours of music! Whilst it can be very lonely for pianists to sit and practise by themselves, an event like this creates a platform for them to share their music with fellow students who know what it takes to play an instrument  and who can appreciate it. The event will be held again this year.

Soloists and ensembles are encouraged to perform at Sundowner concerts and in the weekly Chapel services. Sundowner concerts are held regularly every term. These informal concerts are a perfect platform for young musicians to perform their pieces and thus gain confidence in their playing. 

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