News » Kingswood College opens new High Performance Centre

14th March 2012

Kingswood College celebrates its 118th birthday during  Foundation Weekend on 16-17 March, but the real excitement this year will be for the official opening of our magnificent new High Performance  Centre.  The multi-million rand indoor sports centre, situated on the City Lords Fields overlooking the astroturf and rugby field, is set to change the face of sport at the school. 

The High Performance centre caters for a host of various sporting disciplines and other multi-purpose activities.  It has ground and mezzanine levels that serve different purposes but combine to form a genuinely impressive sports facility.

The predominant feature of the ground level is the massive main playing surface. The flooring is the result of months of intensive research and investigation into indoor sports surfaces around the world by the construction team, to find a surface that was truly multi-purpose in nature but that also extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing.  The main playing hall will provide for five indoor cricket nets with full length run-ups, bowling machines and a video analysis room,  as well as full sized basketball, netball and indoor hockey courts.

A fully equipped and well ventilated weights room is another exciting feature of the ground level. Pupils  and HPC members will have access to strength and conditioning machinery and equipment that can cater for large groups of people at a time. A large storage area for gymnastics and sports equipment is located next to the weights room. Also on the ground level are suites for a biokineticist and physiotherapist who will play a major role in the prevention and management of injuries for Kingswood athletes and sports teams. Adjacent to these suites is a kitchen and hosting area that will be used to cater for events and sporting fixtures.

The mezzanine floor boasts a circuit area that has been specially designed to provide athletes and members with a fully body workout to meet their particular physical needs. A wooden floor is situated at the centre of this wing as a venue for all dance, stretch, aerobics and routine workouts. A cardiovascular/aerobic area equipped with machinery and equipment with a particular emphasis on aerobic training is the other major feature of this level.

Also on the mezzanine floor is  a climbing wall, the offices of the College Head of Sport and Sports Administrator, as well as ladies and gents changing rooms and ablution facilities. This level has a 360° viewing platform which also serves as a running track.

The new centre will also be the home of the Kingswood High Performance Cricket Programme. A professional cricket coach will oversee the programme as well as play a role in the management of the centre.

And it is not only sport that will take place in the centre  - it will play host to functions and events like school dances, concerts, fund raising events and will be the college examination venue. 

The Kingswood High Performance Centre will be officially opened on the 17th March by Mr Buster Brotherton who has been integrally involved with the construction of the building and many other facilities at Kingswood  in his capacity as chairman of the Estates and Buildings committee of the Kingswood Council.  There will be plenty of activity on the day, with demonstrations in the Centre running all day before the formal ceremony in the evening.  Mr Jon Trafford, College Head said, “The High Performance Centre offers our pupils so many opportunities and as a school, we are thrilled to be able to add this facility to our campus.  Our sports complex as a whole is probably one of the best designed and equipped of any school in the country, and we’re very proud of that!”


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