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26th January 2009

Kingswood is very proud to have attained Green Flag status from both the Junior School (in March 2008) and the Senior School (in December 2008).

In January 2007, Kingswood College Junior School registered as an Eco-School and began working towards the attainment of green-flag status. The Eco-Schools programme is being developed in South Africa as a schools-improvement programme that aims at achieving sustainable environmental management. This links directly with the plan of action outlined in the Millennium Declaration, signed at the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD). The programme is designed to encourage whole-school learning and action for a healthy environment. This required adopting three themes aimed at learning about environmental issues and putting environmental projects and learning in place. We chose the celebration of Calendar Days, Waste Management and the setting up of a bird friendly area. The submission of a portfolio giving evidence of our work was also a necessary component. With tremendously hard work on the part of the 2007 Environment Committee, the Junior School was proud to be awarded their green-flag status in March 2008.  

The Junior School Green Flag Ceremony:


We are delighted to announce that the Senior School was awarded Green Flag Status at the end of 2008. Congratulations must go to Dr Des Pyle and his group of young environmentalist for working tirelessly to position the school to fulfill the criteria needed to achieve this accolade. However, this really heralds a beginning and the hard work now begins as we have to extend, encourage and promote sustainable living within our broader community. We would like to encourage local parents to use our recycling facilities, and to promote a more energy efficient and environmentally cleaner life style. There are some staggering statistics relating to how oil consumption would be reduced if we used fewer supermarket plastic bags.

This green flag is symbolic of our commitment to the care and conservation of our environment. It has to be re-earned each year and creating sustainability of our 2007 themes has, therefore, been the focus of our work this year.

To view Kingswood College's Environmental Policy Document click here.

Visit the website of the Eco-Schools programme to learn more about what's involved, and for tips on caring for our planet.

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