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1st November 2014

Kingswood has partnered with four local schools in a groundbreaking twinning project that will connect them for the good of their staff, pupils and wider school communities. Kingswood, Mary Waters High School, St Mary's Primary School and the Little Red Dragon Pre-School (at Lebone Centre) all committed themselves to the initiative at a ceremony held last week at the Lebone Centre, attended by the heads of all the schools.  The project will involve engagement of teachers, staff, pupils, leadership structures, friends, service providers, governance structures and parents of the College in a comprehensive programme of community engagement learning, encouragement, skills transfer and activity engagement with key peak inter-linked programmes running throughout the year.  Also assisting with the project will be  Rhodes University and social entrepreneurship NGO, LifeCo Unltd.

While the partnerships will definitely involve the sharing of facilities where Kingswood as a well-resources school can assist in areas where there is a lack of facilities, the project will also target academic and sporting skills, and monitor performance of pupils along with sharing opportunities in these areas.  Leadership is a strong focus, and peer-to-peer leadership initiatives will see pupil leaders from the partner schools working through issues together.  A By Youth For Youth (BY4Y) leadership event will take place in December at which the youngsters will be exposed to top leadership experts and fellow pupil leaders from all over the country.

Di Hornby, Chairperson of the Kingswood College Council, speaking at the launch of the project said, "We are clear on the fact that we can all learn from each other.  This partnership is not about giving and taking, it is about sharing and learning."

As the first stage of the partnership, Mary Waters High School held their matric valedictory service in the Kingswood Chapel this week, where their pupil leaders for 2015 were announced.  The new leaders were congratulated by Kingswood's leadership team for 2015, and the stage was set as the young people quickly made friends.

At the launch ceremony, each school received a framed certificate which is signed by all the relevant heads, which formalised the twinning.

Below : Gerhard Jacobs (St Mary's Primary School Head), Derek Braans (Kingswood Junior School Head), Irma Moller and Nozi Nombombo (Mary Waters) Cathy Gush (Lebone House) Jill Long (Kingswood Pre-Primary) Tanya Christian (St Mary's Primary) John Trafford (Kingswood College Head) and Paul Guthrie (Kingswood Senior Head).  Back, Barbara Matthews (ICDP Trust Chairperson), Faith Coetzee (Mary Waters Head) Di Hornby (Kingswood College Council Chairperson) and Anneliese Maritz (Lebone House).

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