News » Gold award for Taryn Brown:

10th May 2017

Last year, eight of our Grade 6 pupils entered their 100 word stories in the SACEE (South African Council for English Education) Competition and we were notified during the holidays that Taryn Brown’s story, The Eighth Colour, was awarded a Gold Certificate.

The Eighth Colour

“If this cannot be resolved, we will just have resort to seven.” The eighth colour hung his head in shame. “I’ll never get this right,” he thought miserably. He had been trying to arch properly for weeks, and he still couldn’t do it as well as the other seven colours. “I can’t stay here any longer,” he thought. “I’m an embarrassment.”

He packed and reluctantly withdrew, leaving our world entirely. Which is why you’ve probably never heard of the colour Deebo at all, and you certainly don’t know it was meant to be in the rainbow.

The adjudicators had this to say about Taryn’s story. “A carefully crafted plot, with a surprising twist in the tale, belies the fact that Taryn Brown is still only in Grade 6.”

Well done, Taryn, we are very proud of you!

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