News » Kingswood College awarded Blue Chip Cricket status

12th May 2017

Blue Chip Schools programme is designed to reward schools committed to providing an environment that will enable young players to exploit their full potential as sportspeople and to become the best cricketers they can be. It is the vision of CSA to make cricket a truly national sport.

Cricket playing schools across the country will be measured against the Schools Quality Index (SQI).Schools that achieve 90 percent on the SQI assessment will be awarded the official CSA Blue Chip Status for that year.

An annual assessment will be done on all schools to monitor their progress against the Index and schools will be incentivised in various ways to encourage them to improve their score on the SQI.

Schools that qualify for this status will only be able to do so if all 5 criteria are met to the acceptable CSA standards. The criteria are:

1) Number of teams per age group
2) Number of matches played
3) Coaching infrastructure & qualifications
4) Facility infrastructure
5) Representation across the school pipeline

The intended outcomes for this initiative are:

• Quality coaching structures and thus improved player performances
• Increased number and quality of matches for all levels within the schools pipeline
• Increased representation and the development of an increased pool of Black players
• Sustainable production of quality players for the system.

Kingswood College is one of eleven schools in the country to have been awarded Blue Chip status.


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