News » Musicians selected for National Youth Jazz Festival

13th June 2017


Etienne Marais (Grade 11) and Emily Fryer (Grade 12)

Congratulations must go to Kingswood College musicians Etienne Marais (Violin and Baritone Saxophone) and Emily Fryer (Alto Saxophone and Flute).

Etienne and Emily have been accepted for the National Youth Jazz Festival for 2017.

Upon being selected, Emily says that: "The Standard Bank National Youth Jazz Festival is one of the most significant Jazz development programs in the country and will undoubtedly add a refreshingly enriching dynamic to my music experience. The festival incorporates lectures, workshops, innovative Jazz performance and an opportunity to interact personally and musically with fellow musicians - professionals, as well as pupils from a myriad of backgrounds. The vibrant diversity of the people involved will certainly facilitate an educational environment in which I can develop and explore my keen interest in Jazz, particularly in relation to my instruments".

The Jazz Festival will be held in Grahamstown from 29 June to 5 July.

"Being selected into the Jazz Festival is definitely a big step in my musical path and I can't wait to Jazz it up. I firmly believe that the best way to learn is by attempting something even when you are not certain of yourself, and the Jazz Festival is a great opportunity to express my music in ways I have not tried before" says Etienne.

We look forward to watching Etienne and Emily perform and know that they will make the most of this wonderful opportunity!

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