At Kingswood College, we create an environment that aims to foster the building of a strong foundation for lifelong learning through the promotion of a positive learning environment, one that stimulates the creation of enthusiasm for learning. Kingswood College follows the National Curriculum in both the GET (General Education and Training) and FET (Further Education and Training) phases, administered and examined by the IEB. Policies put forward by the Department of Education through documents such as CAPS and NCS must be adhered to, as prescribed by the Assessment Specialists of and documents issued by the IEB.

As an independent school, we do have certain freedoms with regard to the implementation of the CAPS and NCS, but we still act within the spirit of those documents and with adhere to the policies of the IEB. In the implementation of the NSC (National Senior Certificate), it is our aim to provide a firm academic base, which will give our pupils ready access to tertiary institutions and encourage them to embrace the concept of lifelong learning.

In our teaching, we strive to add value to the curriculum in a teaching environment that is conducive to learning. These include, but are not limited to Enquiry and Problem-based learning, Project-driven assessment and active research. This endeavours to ensure pupil engagement by grounding the material in real-world scenarios wherever possible and participating in the increasingly technology-driven global community.