Boy’s Hockey


Hockey has been played on and off at Kingswood since the 1950’s and was officially recognised only in 1991 in the Senior School. Over the year’s Boys hockey has grown in strength and numbers. We are very fortunate to have our own Astroturf and this, coupled with our experienced coaching staff, ensure that we remain up to date in terms of the latest Hockey trends.

All of our Hockey teams are given the opportunity to practice and play matches on the Astroturf, while many practices also take place in the HPC on the indoor surface. Practice days are Mondays and Fridays, with fixtures being played on Wednesdays. Many of our coaches are still active Hockey players who represent Rhodes University and EP at the highest levels.

Hockey at Kingswood is played by the motto harder, better, faster, stronger.

Boys’ Hockey Coaching Staff

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Apart from our weekly fixtures, we also attend the following festivals/tournaments:

U14 Rob Taylor Festival (EL)
U16 Woodridge Festival (PE)
1st XI Independent Schools Festival (Various)
1st XI Kingswood College Co-Ed’s Festival (KC)

We currently field the following teams:
1st – 4th

Did you Know?

  • Kingswood Boys won the first game they played on the new Kingwood Astro, beating a superb Queens side 2 – 1 on the day
  • Selborne Colleges first ever hockey match was actually against Kingswood.  This was discovered by SA   hockey guru Tony   Godding, after doing some research into the history of Selborne hockey.
  • The Kingswood Boys 1st XI in 2008/09 had an unbelievable run of form. It lasted 28 games, which only had one loss over almost 2 years which was to Selborne in 2009. The 29th game was against Stirling at home, where we lost 2-0.