Kingswood College has a rich history and tradition in the game of cricket. Over the course of its history, it has developed a reputation as one of the top cricketing schools in the Eastern Cape, and South Africa. Despite its relatively small playing personnel, Kingswood consistently manages to punch above its weight, which is testament to the passion with which the game is played at the school. Cricket is played through Term One and Term Three, and is regarded as one of the flagship sports of the College.

Kingswood currently has four Open cricket sides, two Colts sides and two U14 sides. These sides compete regularly against both derby opponents as well as other local Eastern Cape rivals. Matches are played in a variety of formats, ranging from T20 to Declaration cricket. Our cricket facilities are unmatched, and we boast three high quality cricket ovals, ten turf nets, six artificial nets and a state-of-the-art indoor High Performance Centre. The High Performance Centre has five cricket nets, with full length run ups, as well as a sixth net with a bowling machine for individual work. Not only does Kingswood have fantastic facilities but we also have a very dedicated group of coaches who continue to drive cricket at Kingswood. The coaches are supported by a dedicated fitness coach, who is available to design custom fitness and recovery programs for our players. We have also recently invested in a streaming video system, which will allow both analysis of players, but will also (in time) allow the greater Kingswood community to watch matches live.

Kingswood has a High Performance Cricket Coach, Murray Ranger, whose main role is to conduct one-on-one coaching sessions during the week, as well as to attend and assist in team practices. The Winter cricket program begins in June every year and this gives Murray the chance, along with the players, to address any technical issues before the season starts again in October.

Overall, Kingswood is exceedingly proud of the cricketing ethos that thrives in the school. Our aim, through the game, is to develop pupils who are critically aware, analytical, possess an ability to read the game, and can adapt to different situations. We believe that these skills feed into the greater curriculum, which is a core feature of Kingswood.