Girl’s Hockey

Kingwood Girls’ Hockey has established its own unique brand of Hockey over the years and Kingswood College is currently recognised as one of the top Hockey schools for girls in the Eastern Cape.

Fitness, conditioning and skills sessions start early in the 1st term in preparation for the numerous Hockey festivals and tournaments that we attend.

We are very fortunate to have our own Astroturf and this, coupled with our experienced coaching staff, ensure that we remain up to date in terms of the latest Hockey trends. All of our Hockey teams are given the opportunity to practice and play matches on the Astroturf, while many practices also take place in the HPC on the indoor surface. Practice days are Tuesdays and Thursdays, with fixtures being played on Saturdays. Many of our coaches are still active Hockey players who represent Rhodes University and EP at the highest levels.

Girls’ Hockey Coaching Staff 2017

 Director of Hockey – Mr Bevan Bennett
 Mr Mangi
 Ms Palmer (Manager)
 Mr Hornby
 Mrs Wright
 Ms Moodie
 Ms Kanjee
 Mr Machlachlan
 Ms Moyes
 Ms Palmer U16B
 Ms Munro U16C
 Ms du Preez
 Ms Herd-Hoare
 Mr Guest
 Ms McEwan
 Ms McEwan U14B
 Ms Knott U14C

Apart from our weekly fixtures, we also attend the following festivals/tournaments:

U14 Rob Taylor Festival (EL)
U16 Woodridge Festival (PE)
1st XI Greg Beling Festival (EL)
1st XI St Mary’s Festival (JHB)
1st XI Kingswood College Co-Ed’s Festival (KC)

We currently field the following teams:

1st – 3rd

In 2017, we welcome Mr Bevan Bennett as our Director of Hockey. Bevan will oversee the entire Hockey programme at Kingswood (Junior and Senior) and will be involved in every team to some extent.

Mzi Mangi, our 1st XI coach, coached the Girls EP U16B Team in 2016.

Jason MacLachlan, our newly appointed U16A Girls’ coach, has just spent the past 6 months in the UK playing Hockey at club level where he has gained some invaluable experience. In 2016 he represented the Garden Route Gazelles in the inaugural Premier Hockey League (PHL). In 2017 he will continue his role of coaching the 1st XI Rhodes Ladies side.

EP Girls’ Hockey Representatives 2016




EP U14

Kate von Holdt Zinathi Mbenyana Amy Mills Bridget Mildenhall
Hannah Lewis Bianca de Klerk Mzi Mangi (Coach) Lukho Mbenyana
Courtney Trow

Our general philosophy is to promote the sport of Hockey as well as to help our players make good decisions both on and off the field. As coaches, we get the opportunity to make an impact on young people’s lives. Hockey is a team sport and win or lose, we do it together as a team. We want to create an environment where players are not afraid to push themselves and their teammates to reach their potential. The lessons we learn from our sporting experiences will carry over into our everyday lives.