This programme was established to foster a healthy relationship between the seniors and juniors. It operates in the Houses and involves the mentorship of a junior pupil by a willing senior pupil. A junior pupil may choose not to participate in this programme but then may not participate when he reaches senior status. All parties sign a contract formalising the mentorship partnership.

The senior pupils agree to:
✦ assist and encourage juniors with their academic, sport and enrichment endeavours;
✦ see to juniors’ well-being and happiness;
✦ build a healthy relationship with juniors and to reinforce a positive self-image;
✦ introduce juniors to the Kingswood way of life, routine, procedures and traditions;
✦ produce reports on progress at the end of each term;
✦ introduce themselves to their junior’s parents and to maintain contact with them at least twice a term (telephonic/written/e-mail/personal contact).

In return for the above support, juniors perform certain duties for their mentors. These duties are specified in the contract that they sign for their partnership. Any senior who abuses this system loses the privilege of being a mentor.