A tribute to 125 years

Celebrating 125 years of Kingswoodians

The 125 Jubilee Pathway, named for the 125th anniversary of Kingswood in 2019, is to stand as a tribute to the support and generosity shown by Kingswoodians, and the broader Kingswood community over the schools long and proud history. It will run from Burton Street to the front entrance of School House. It offers every Kingswoodian, past, present and future, a way of acknowledging their role in and contribution towards creating the richness of this unique and fine school. The Jubilee Pathway offers you an opportunity to support and grow our vision for Kingswood and provides you with the opportunity to leave your mark in Kingswood’s history.

Please note: the online gateway to purchase a brick is currently under construction. To purchase a brick, please contact the Kingswoodian Club office. We apologise for the inconvenience and will make sure it’s up and running soon!