Pioneering Leadership

Welcome to the Kingswood College Leadership Institute. As a pioneer of character education in South Africa, the Institute stands as a beacon of our commitment to educating for life – not just within our own campus, but for our parents, staff, and our greater national community.

The influence of the leadership programme is not just constrained to the pupils but is intended to also play a part in the lives of staff, teachers and the community. For us, it’s not enough that our pupils benefit from such a resource in a vacuum –  the institute hopes to ensure the people who are actively involved in helping shape and nurture them, also do.

Workshops and short courses

The courses offered by the Institute are deeply collaborative, academically rigorous and dynamic – focusing on nurturing and developing a  character that leads to success and a growth-mindset in all who attend it. Register for one today:

Kingswood and Character Education

Providing an environment that helps pupils face the challenges of living in a complex and fast-changing world.

Kingswood College is the first school in Africa, and only one of a handful in the world, to embark on formalising character education into its curriculum. Educating for Life forces us to interrogate the question: how do we prepare our pupils for life after they leave school, when we don’t know what that world will look like? Traditionally, education has been about learning subjects such as Mathematics, English, and Science, but these subjects, while still essential, are no longer enough to prepare children for life beyond school.

Through the introduction of our  Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship (ICE) initiative we are questioning what it is that is in the best interest of the pupil in particular and the school at large. We want to know that we are equipping our pupils with the skills they need for life after school. While we can’t predict what is to come in this ever-changing world, what we can do is far more powerful – we can strive to produce principled, independent, confident, socially adjusted and passionate matriculants with tenacious self-reliance who will grow and flourish.