Available workshops

Workshop #1: Getting Started with Leadership and Character Education

The aim of this workshop is to equip you with the leadership skills that will assist you in navigating various roles in your life. For large groups, this two-day workshop can be booked according to a date that suits your school, company or group.

Topics Covered:

  • Who Am I?    
  • Motivation, Daily Checklist    
  • Leadership Toolkit: What Makes Up The Toolkit Which Leaders Often Attribute Their Success: Effective Communication, Assertiveness, Decision Making/ Problem Solving, Basic Counselling Skills, Conflict Management, Goal Setting, Stress Management
  • Positive Psychology: How To Use Positive Psychology To Build Character – 8 To Be Great, Grit, PERMA
  • Vision For The Year Of Leadership
  • Realistic Goal Setting    
  • Who Are We?     Leadership and Developing Diversity and Inclusion: Valuing And Embracing Diversity Ethical Leadership
  • Me Against Others    
  • Valuing The Environment 

Other Upcoming Workshops

Our list of available workshops is currently being developed so please ensure you keep checking back periodically to see as more detail and information is added about each course.

  • Via Strengths Analysis – Colleen Vassiliou – Who Am I – Who Are We?
  • Performance Management – Colleen Vassiliou – Staff
  • Strategic Planning – Colleen Vassiliou – Schools
  • Positive Psychology – Colleen Vassiliou – Positive Education
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution – Mediation         
  • Relationship Counselling – Value Cards, Ta, Love Languages
  • Creativity In Teaching – Michelle Constant         
  • Community Engagement – Cathy Gush    
  • Firestarter – Colleen Vassiliou – Who Am I?  What’s My Purpose
  • Self-reflection – Colleen Vassiliou – Word, Emblem, Mantra
  • Swinging The Lantern – Colleen Vassiliou – Check Your Smspe Wellbeing
  • Flourishing – Colleen Vassiliou – Willow Tree
  • Finding The Extraordinary In The Ordinary – Colleen Vassiliou – When Life Blindsides You
  • What Is Success?  – 8 To Be Great