Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Have you heard us talk about 'ICE'? Here's what we mean...

Kingswood College believes that encouraging pupils to think of creative solutions in the classroom develops a growth mindset that will equip young school leavers to embrace and even lead the world of innovation. ICE (Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship) is a philosophy that will embed greater innovative, creative and entrepreneurial skills across the curriculum. It is about developing a broader mind, whether in Maths, Geography, or French.

At Kingswood we believe that at every opportunity from Grade 000 straight through to  Bridging Year (BY), should encourage critical thinking and a problem-solving approach to learning, one that engages creative and alternative solutions to challenges and where creativity becomes the most powerful competitive advantage in securing employment in the post-school environment of the 21st century.

ICE Centre

The establishment of the Kingswood Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship (ICE) Centre reflects the start of a new era for Kingswood. It is a space that truly reflects our philosophy of Educating for Life and all that this encompasses.

The ICE Centre was initially conceptualised as the home of the school’s Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship (ICE) initiative, a model that actively encourages our staff to explore teaching strategies that promote and encourage innovative, creative and entrepreneurial ways of thinking in our pupils.

Since its conceptualisation, the space has expanded to house the Leadership Institute and numerous other spaces that will allow both pupils and staff to connect, create and innovate. Work on the project has been ongoing for a year and in February 2019 the first of the equipment and furniture was installed. This allows for more exhibition space, a robotics lab, a TV Studio (DigiTV), tutor rooms as well as a library.

Our vision for the future sees the TV Broadcasting Studio being enhanced and other areas developed: Radio Broadcasting and Music Recording Studio, Project Area with both basic and advanced equipment such as 3D printers, laser cutters and more, a Hobby Space with jigsaws, tools, materials, a dramatic arts stage with sound and lighting, a creative photography space and more.

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So, what does innovation in a school look like?

They embrace change and do not shy away from a challenge,  are prepared to push boundaries and to empower the pupils in their midst to be critical and creative thinkers;

  • They understand that they will make mistakes;
  • They constantly push the envelope of teaching and learning spaces;
  • They allow pupils to make mistakes so that they increasingly look for new ways to tackle their challenges;
  • They are transparent and embrace the broadness of the school community so that we will understand the expectations of what the school requires;
  • They use technology as a tool but not as a distraction – it must lead to further research, greater collaboration and to discoveries that are new and beneficial for the school
  • They are connected with the world outside of the school and understand that they cannot and should not live in a bubble.