The Foundation

Kingswood has been built, brick by brick, pupil by pupil, through the collective generosity of generations whose spirit  of giving has allowed us to continue a strong tradition of excellence.

Established in 1994, the Centenary Trust has facilitated our drive for excellence at the school. This represents a very visible investment in the development of our campus and helps to underpin our philosophy of Educating for Life. Donors have supported the necessary funding for Kingswood to invest in steps towards realising our Strategic Plan, which will enhance our academic programme, upgrade facilities, and build our endowment to ensure the long-term health of the school.

The Foundation’s Role And Purpose

Kingswood stands today as one of the leading independent co-educational schools in the country, and it is thanks to the collective generosity of generations of benefactors – pupils, KINGSWOODIAN CLUB, parents, faculty, and friends – that has allowed us to continue our long tradition of excellence.

For more than 125 years, the fine reputation of our school has grown and flourished, but it is to the next 125 that we must now look.

Our challenge now, as it has always been, is not to just sustain this excellence for the coming generations and preserve our historic campus, but to meet the demands of local and global change. We must continue to attract exceptional pupils and teachers and to advance the educational and cultural ambitions of the school.

All of this cannot be achieved from fees and funding alone, especially if we are to ensure the sustainability of the school in terms of affordability. It’s to this end, at the end of 2018, that the Foundation was created. To look beyond the school gates; to develop relationships,  create new revenue streams and nurture existing ones.


Jon Trafford, Executive Head of the Kingswood College Foundation

Alistair Collier, Chairman of the Foundation Executive Committee as well as the Centenary Trust and Bursaries and Scholarships Trust