Development Projects

In recent years the College has invested heavily in infrastructural development. Through the generosity of many benefactors, this has created an enviable and highly resourced educational environment for our pupils. Not only do we need to preserve our historic campus, but we also need to ensure that it continues to provide the necessary facilities associated with a world class school.

All funds gathered for these capital projects are administered by the Centenary Trust.

At Kingswood, we have a long history of academic excellence. Our broad curriculum and extensive enrichment programme are designed not just to support and encourage our pupils but extend their knowledge, their understanding and desire to learn.

Guided by our 2020 Strategic Plan, and our Educating For Life philosophy, we are exploring and rethinking our teaching and learning styles, actively looking to infuse innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship (ICE) into the classroom and all facets of Kingswood life.

In order to achieve these goals, we have highlighted a number of projects that will help Kingswood, not only set the precedent for best practices for a leading-edge education, but create a school where there are opportunities for each child to find their strengths and discover their own excellence.

Our future in focus: Focus areas identified to achieve our continued vision of academic excellence:

Transform and upgrading Junior School teaching spaces. This will add significantly to our commitment to academic excellence.

  • Redevelop and resource Senior School classrooms to reinforce the ICE initiative. This would include both Dold Block and the Innovation Centre (Cohen Building)
  • Expand and redevelop the Len Victor Science Teaching Centre.
  • Develop environmentally sustainable water and energy systems for the school.

A pupil’s House at Kingswood is more than a building, it is integral to their time and identity at the school. For many, it is a home for the majority of their childhood years and a place where life-long friendships are made and character is built.

While the preservation of our historic campus is essential to our identity as a school, we need also to enhance it to ensure we meet the demands of our stakeholders and attract the quality of both teaching staff and pupils needed for the school.

Our future in focus: Focus areas to enhance our boarding facilities
Junior and Senior boarding house upgrades
Add to the infrastructural needs of Junior boarding

Sport is a big part of everyday life at Kingswood and plays a pivotal role in building the character of a child, such forming an important component of our broader curriculum. Opportunities are provided for all to take part and excel, and with so much scope in our exceptional sports programme, every pupil can find something they enjoy, whatever their level of ability.

Our first-class coaches and facilities play a vital role in Kingswood’s ability to attract talented pupils and host both local and provincial tournaments.  

Our future in focus: Sports facilities in focus
1. Astroturf Upgrade: The upgrade of the astroturf is not just a matter of resurfacing, the foundation must be redone to take care of water drainage. This project, estimated to cost in excess of R4-million is a priority for the hockey festivals.

The Kingswood Ice Centre is where ideas are turned into reality. A space that truly reflects the Education for Life promise, it’s a space where pupils and staff can connect, create and innovate, and bring the ICE initiatives and Leadership programmes to life.

Learn more about ICE
Learn more about the Leadership Institute

Our vision for the Hub is bold and will accommodate a range of technologies from robotics to engineering, 3D printers, laser cutters, music recording and broadcasting spaces, video editing to leadership and entrepreneurship short courses workshops.

Our future in focus:
In building our ICE capacity the College seeks, with partners and benefactors, the support for the realisation of our dream to lead the creative and innovation space in South Africa

The Kingswood College Chapel is not just the foundation and the cornerstone of the school, but also its centre – playing a vital role in the lives of all Kingswoodians and functioning as the main venue for most important events.

Our future in focus: Focus areas identifies that are crucial to making technological innovation in the Chapel space possible

1. The first is a new sound desk and speakers to improve the sound quality and allow seamless set up for the worship team, the band and other groups to play music during chapel services.
2. The second is lighting, which is currently brought in for special events.
3. The third is cameras and TV screens to allow people sitting in the side transepts and behind the pillars to view the full service, concert or lecture.

To learn more about the funding initiatives being run by the Chapel, please click here.