Opening a world of opportunity

At the forefront of the Kingswood Foundation’s future plans is to grow the scholarships and bursaries fund, widening the access socially, geographically and financially. This is guided by the strong belief that diversity enriches the lives of all at Kingswood and the community.

It also serves to ensure that the best and brightest pupils from across South Africa and the globe can enrol while, at the same time, attract teachers who are not only experts in their fields, but exceptional educators and role models, and who bring unparalleled passion and dedication to all that they do.


Our scholarships offer us a way to attract exceptionally talented pupils to the school, for many of whom, this life-changing opportunity might otherwise be out of reach.


In recent years, bursaries have been given to deserving pupils who would otherwise not be able to attend our school. By supporting this campaign you can truly transform a child’s life, giving the deserving the gift of a Kingswood education regardless of background or their capacity to pay. 

Legends Fund - Be a legend. Create a legend.

Started in 2009 by a loyal group of Old Kingswoodians to raise funds to enable the son of a terminally-ill classmate to attend Kingswood, the Legends Fund quickly took on a life of its own. The goal of the Legends Fund is to build a meaningful reserve for Kingswood College from which deserving children can be assisted with bursary and scholarship support.

By supporting the Legends Fund you can have a direct impact on a child’s life, and give them a gift of a Kingswood College education.

In recent years, the Legends Fund has given some of our best and brightest pupils the opportunity to come to Kingswood College, regardless of background or their capacity to pay, the Legends Fund affords pupils based on merit the chance of becoming part of the Kingswood College family.