Apply to Kingswood

The Admissions team will be the point of communication with parents during the admission process. Places are allocated on the basis of ‘first come first served’ and when all places are taken, a waiting list operates. No admission fee is charged.

Before you begin the process, please ensure that you have scanned copies of the following documents to attach to your application:

  • A copy of your child’s birth certificate
  • A copy of your child’s passport or identity document;
  • A copy of the last school report with the school’s full name, contact person’s name, contact number, email address and location.

Should your child be accepted into Kingswood College, enrolment fees will be required to secure your child’s place, as well as a signed contract of enrolment.

Click here to view the School Fee breakdown for 2024

To make an application please download and complete an application form then return it along with all the supporting documents to

Please ensure that you fill in the application document in full – any omitted information will cause a delay in your application.  Each page of the application document must be initialled and where requested the signatures required (parents and/or guardians and witnesses) must be clearly visible.


The Admissions Department may invite the applicant to make an appointment for an assessment. Once the assessment is complete, the Admissions Department will advise you, in writing, of the school’s decision. This may take up to two weeks.

Given the exceptional circumstances that we are currently in, for the time being, the assessments can be carried out at home under the supervision of parents/guardians.

If you wish to have someone from the Admissions office contact you or if you have any specific questions you would like answered, please fill out the admissions enquiry form and someone from the Admissions team will be in touch.