Scholarships and Bursaries

How to apply for a bursary

It is our aim to make a Kingswood education accessible to as many talented girls and boys as is possible, regardless of their family’s financial circumstances.

Anyone seeking to apply to Kingswood can apply for a bursary but please be aware that there is a finite amount of funding available each year and therefore not all applicants will be successful. 

To make an application please fill out the application form and indicate that you wish to be considered.

How to apply for a scholarship

At the beginning of every year, Kingwood offers a limited number of prestigious scholarships to exceptional candidates across the academic, sport and music faculties, who enter the College in Grade 8 or Grade 10.

Applications for 2020 now closed. Applications for 2021 will open in January 2020. All criteria and application details will be published then.

Description of scholarships

Academic Scholarships

Pupils with strong academic ability are invited to apply to write our scholarship exam with an emphasis on language, mathematics and general knowledge. Although scholarships are awarded primarily on academic performance, character, leadership potential, cultural astuteness and sporting ability are also taken into consideration.

All-Round Scholarships

Pupils who have excelled in the sporting and/or cultural field and have a good academic record may apply for this scholarship.

Sports Scholarships

Kingswood has a rich sporting tradition and world-class facilities. We invite talented sportsmen and women, preferably all-rounders to apply for sports scholarships. High performance (possibly Provincial) in one or more sports in which Kingswood College competes, would be an advantage.

The winner of the scholarship must undertake to represent the School for the duration of her or his time at Kingswood College unless injured.

Music Scholarships

Our Music School is home to the Kingswood College Concert Band and a number of other ensembles. Music is offered as a subject choice in the Senior School from Grade 8 to Matric. Musically talented applicants must be at a Grade 4 Music level or higher, and will be invited to an interview and an audition. They will be required to play pieces, scales and do sight reading.

Makhanda Closed Scholarship

Pupils, living in Makhanda, who have excelled in the sporting and/or cultural field and have a good academic record may apply for this scholarship.