Botswana Events a Great Success

College Head Leon Grové, Senior Head Mrs Tracy van Molendoff, Marketing Manager Danel Pruissen and Carey Hobson attended two successful school expos and also hosted a combined OK/Parent function at Falcon Crest Suites. This was well attended and it was so nice to see parents, past and present, mingling with OKs during the course of the evening.


A Night With Jonathan Shapiro aka Zapiro

Jonathan Shapiro, better known by his pen name Zapiro, is South Africa’s top editorial and political cartoonist. Before becoming the internationally acclaimed cartoonist commentator and visual satirist he is today, Shapiro was first and foremost an activist in his own right.


Kingswood Matric Class of 2021 Results Released

The covid-19 pandemic has been a challenging time for the country and indeed the world, and the Kingswood College Matric class of 2020 must be congratulated on navigating this unchartered territory during their final academic year. Our class of 2020, gathered a total of 95 distinctions amongst themselves.