Gap Year Programme

When the only thing in life that is certain, is uncertainty – embrace it.

Sometimes the most rewarding experiences are found by doing, experiencing, learning and growing. 

If you are feeling uncertain about where life is taking you, then maybe the Kingswood College Gap Year Programme is for YOU. 

Come with an open mind and a commitment to help find your WHY

Through a tailor made programme aimed at exposing pupils to a variety of different spheres of learning, the programme hopes to help young men and women find out WHO they want to be when they leave the programme. 

This programme also gives those individuals an opportunity to become a Kingswoodian for a year. After the conclusion of the year, the Gap Year pupils will leave Kingswood, joining a world-wide network of fellow Kingswoodians and remain part of that brother and sisterhood forever. 



Broaden your horizons

  • Engage in critical thinking and nurturing problem-solving skills. 
  • Creating engaged citizens who are ready to meet the demands of the world once they leave Kingswood College.
  • Building and fostering relationships with your peers, mentors and mentees.
  • Leave the programme having pushed yourself outside of your comfort zone.
  • Leave the programme having learnt a multitude of new skills. 
  • Enhance your CV with a number of short courses and workshops.

Mr Zweli Mbenyana
Head of our Gap Year Programme

Phone: +27 83 695 9968 (mobile)

The Gap Programme

The Programme is divided across 5 pillars.   

Pillar 1: Academic

As part of the Academic Pillar a number of pupils join a Bridging Year programme in order enhance their Matric certificate mark in one or more subjects. Where possible, the earlier a pupil applies the better, as there are a number of administrative details that need to be done in order to ensure that pupils are able to rewrite the subjects they wish to improve on. Pupils are also able to further their Music studies should they wish to.

However, the real drawcard to this pillar is our ties to the Rhodes Business School who will run an accredited Entrepreneurship & Leadership Development Programme with our Bridging Year pupils. 

We are also fortunate enough to be able to partner with the Allan Gray Centre for Leadership Ethics in an ethics engaged programme. 

Pillar 2: Life Skills

The word “Masambe” means to “walk together; side by side” and it is our hope that over the course of this one year programme we are able to undertake a journey of self-discovery with the young men and women who form part of the programme. 

We wish to challenge; to inspire and to push these young individuals outside of their comfort zone in ways that will help them achieve their goals once they leave Kingswood College. 

To find out what life skill courses are offered to pupils, you can click through below:

Pillar 3: Sport

 All Bridging Year pupils are involved in all spheres of our school life. At Kingswood, we pride ourselves on excellence in all spheres of sport. We believe that a holistic approach to education is vital for pupils and that the mind and body need to be exercised and challenged in order for pupils to grow. As a school we are committed to providing the best sporting environment, high performance facilities and top-quality coaching to the young men and women who come to Kingswood.

Whilst this pillar provides pupils with an opportunity to extend themselves in the sporting arena, we have also included a few courses for pupils to choose from:

  • The CrossFit Coach Development Programme
  • Mentoring and Coaching Programme

 To see what these courses entail, click through below: 

Pillar 4: Conservation

  1. Field guiding online course by Wildlife Campus and accredited by FGASA, with practical training to be done in conjunction with local game reserves.
  2. Wildlife management online course by Wildlife Campus and accredited by FGASA with practical training to be done in conjunction with local game reserves.
  3. Introduction to Conservation – during this course the pupils will be exposed to the various aspects of conservation and will gain experience hands on as they learn more about the practical and theoretical aspects of conservation.

Pillar 5: Community Engagement

Community Engagement (CE) is an important part of Kingswood’s mission to “Educate for Life’. Through meaningful community engagement the following is achieved:

  • Young people are enabled to become active, responsible citizens
  • Learning takes place outside of the classroom in real-life situations and contexts
  • Awareness is raised about the social issues that affect our society, and what can be done to address them
  • An identified community need or area of development is addressed while learning takes place on the part of the student.