Pillar 2: Life Skills

The world we live in is constantly changing and bringing with it the need for young men and women to be multi-skilled and show the ability to adapt and change along with it. This makes the Life Skills pillar one of the central focuses of the Bridging Year programme. 

This year is focused around exposing pupils to various experiences, adventure and activities that will not only broaden their minds but also open them to the possibilities of the future while building character and cultivating maturity that lasts a lifetime. They will be exposed to sports coaching, leadership training, adventure experiences, conservation and environmental elements, career guidance and more.

While the Life Skills component is one which is interweaved throughout the Bridging Year programme as a whole, we also offer the following to enrolled pupils: 


Kingswood College Enrichment Programme:

The Kingswood College Enrichment programme is one which is open to all our Senior School & Bridging Year pupils. The programme has been set up in such a way to broaden our pupils’ skills base, interests, life experience, diversity and knowledge. Each term pupils sign up for a short course or programme of their choosing. The Enrichment Programme changes each year with some courses remaining on offer, while new ones are introduced. 

Here are some of the Enrichment options: 

Applied Skills:

  • Professional Communication Series:
This course looks to give a basic understanding of physiological characteristics that promotes communication in terms of physical and emotional traits. The module included a practical exploration of tension, movement dynamics, identity, power, status, presence in the social and professional workspace and uses techniques of improvisation, mask work and clowning to initiate communication scenarios that help individuals develop self-awareness and support techniques and tools of effective inter-personal engagement.
  • Running a Business Venture:

In this course, Bridging Year Pupils are exposed to various business sectors in an effort to show them hands-on, practical and theoretical aspects of what it takes to run a successful business.


  • Basic Cooking Course
 In this course pupils will have hands-on experience in the kitchen. They will be exposed to various aspects of cooking. 

  • Artisan Skills
 Artisan skills are so important in today’s life.  During this weekly training, pupils will learn more about basic welding, carpentry, electricity and plumbing.  

Adventure Based Leadership Education:

  • River Rafting

  • Sky Diving
  • Camps & Hikes

  • Canoeing