Pillar 3: Sport

The Bridging Year Programme provides pupils with the opportunity to continue to play sport at competitive school level for another year. As a school we are committed to providing the best sporting environment, high performance facilities and top-quality coaching to these young men and women. 

By design, Kingswood College is a small, co-educational school which has uniquely positioned sport as a tool to nurture the potential of each of our pupils. We are able to provide individual attention and coaching to them, whether they compete at the highest level or merely for the purpose of enjoyment and participation with their peers. 

The Bridging Year pupils will need to choose at least one summer and one winter sport from the list below: 

Summer Sports:

  • Cricket
  • Water Polo 
  • Tennis
  • Squash
  • Swimming
  • Basketball

Winter Sports:

  • Hockey 
  • Netball
  • Tennis 
  • Squash

The CrossFit Coach Development Programme

Kingswood College has partnered with our local branch of CrossFit in order to allow Bridging Year pupils the opportunity to obtain their CrossFit Coach Certification during their year at Kingswood. This course has also been endorsed by the Human Kinetics and Ergnomics Department at Rhodes University

The purpose of this programme is not only to teach pupils how to coach CrossFit, but also about what goes into running a Health & Fitness business. 

This course includes lectures on foundational movements, nutrition, programming and the the CrossFit methodology. Pupils will do their strength and conditioning training in collaboration with CrossFit Grahamstown. 


The Coach Development Programme teaches participants how to:

  • Create effective lesson plans.
  • Rapidly identify root causes of faults in group classes and individual sessions. 
  • Rapidly prioritise movement corrections. 
  • Manage class logistics for groups of all sizes by maximising space, addressing equipment concerns, and performing safety checks. 
  • Offer multiple scaling options for beginner, intermediate, advanced, elite and injured/limited athletes. 
  • Effectively program for and develop a deeper understanding of all clients: new athletes, health-and-wellness athletes, recreational competitors. 
  • Discover and cultivate an authentic presence and attitude to better lead groups and create positive, energetics learning environments and communities. 

Pupils will receive a certificate on successful completion of the programme. 


Mentoring and Coaching:

Our Head of Strength of Conditioning at Kingswood College, Mr James Winstanley along with other top coaches in their respective fields will not only mentor and coach pupils throughout the year, but Bridging Year pupils will also  be included in sport coaching workshops.  The Bridging Year pupils will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and gain valuable coaching experience as they assist the coaches of the junior school sporting teams.