Pillar 5: Community Engagement

It is through community engagement projects and initiatives that our Kingswoodians are able to learn the values, discipline and reward of leadership and engagement with others. 

It fosters a culture in which our pupils are able to become aware of issues of social justice, and realise that they can make a positive difference through respectful community engagement both within and beyond our school walls. 

In the Bridging Year space, the Community Engagement projects that pupils will be involved in will have a positive impact on personal, attitudinal, moral, social and cognitive outcomes.

The Bridging Year pupils will engage in a Service Learning Courses for the Community Engagement element of their year at Kingswood. 

Service Learning is a credit-bearing form of community engagement and in this case it will involve the students doing an online accredited short course from Rhodes University on Literacy and Social Justice, as well as the practical implementation of the BuddingQ school readiness programme for Grade R learners at a local non fee-paying primary school.